#rooted in community

Welcome to the neighborhood

We are rooted in community, celebrating local music, art, nature and creatives.


Fergusons Downtown is a neighborhood rooted in community.

We bring people together by cultivating local music, art, nature, food, and creatives/makers.

  • Curated market bringing makers 
  • The spirit of our city’s creatives
  • Community rooted in Las Vegas

Through the revitalization of the historic Fergusons Motel, we are cultivating a diverse and inviting community that fosters creativity and passion. From the shops of local makers to restaurants and an enchanting green space, Fergusons is a place where you can connect, shop, eat, drink, stay, work and explore


Take a peek at our curated marketplace bringing together the spirit of our city’s creative entrepreneurs. From local artist studio shops to The Tiny Bloom’s bespoke flower-filled brick and mortar, find a unique shopping experience that supports a thoughtful lifestyle


Always seasonal and thoughtfully sourced, the artisanal menus at our diverse restaurants offer an elevated dining experience. Discover unparalleled global-inspired cuisine and an extensive offering of craft cocktails, beer and fair trade coffee.


Rooted in community, our events all have a collaborative and educational aspect, with the intent to gather people from diverse walks of life. Catering to an array of different interests, our events are an open invitation for the community to explore and connect.


Stay updated about the latest special events, workshops, and more.
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